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Samuel Daffa

Samuel Daffa

Dallas, TX


Art has been and will be my lifelong passion. Though I can say that I am self taught, I received my formal art education in Hamburg, Germany's School of Arts and continued my training in the United States of America .I am always fascinated with all types of art works, especially with portraits, floral and abstract paintings. I enjoy using oil, pastel and charcoal and my works often tend towards realism and impressionism. As my paintings are crafted with years of experience & creative insight, I am willing to accept the challenge and do the best I can.

When I am dealing with portraits, I react, analyze, respond and observe the details of facial expressions, movements, gesture and clothing of my subjects. I'm looking for the uniqueness of the subject's personality and try to interpret it creatively and artistically, reflecting my view points. I seek to understand the subtle qualities, characters and interests of the subject.

I like to paint from nature however I do some of my paintings from photographs, unless an opportunity arises that the subject has the time and patience to sit for me. Even if favorable results can be achieved from photographs, the physical presence of the subject brings the best results. A portrait is a joint venture between the artist and his subjects, though the final decision lies with the artist, a discourse is helpful and welcomed for satisfactory results. You can also commission me for the portrait of yourself, your loved ones, your favorite people and paintings of your favorite places for an affordable promotional prices. I sometimes venture into wild life, landscape, seascape and abstract paintings as well. Since artistic creativity is a perpetual process I might also contend with the shift in public taste and developments, therefore I welcome any suggestion my clients are making. I will try to keep this site dynamic by releasing new paintings as often as I could, therefore I would kindly ask you to add this site to your bookmarks or favorites and make frequent visits or send me your e-mail so that I may inform you whenever I have new release.

Thank you and best regards.

Samuel Daffa

Dallas TX, Tel :214-676-2114



Beyond by Samuel Daffa


Hot summer by Samuel Daffa


Tsion and Hakeem by Samuel Daffa


The flower garden. by Samuel Daffa


The blues by Samuel Daffa


Madam by Samuel Daffa


Ayantu Oluma by Samuel Daffa


Mr.Abiyu Geletta by Samuel Daffa


The Pastor. by Samuel Daffa


Helen Hays by Samuel Daffa


Mr Seifu by Samuel Daffa


Madam Rossie by Samuel Daffa


an elderly man by Samuel Daffa


Abraham Assegahegn by Samuel Daffa


Daniel Daffa by Samuel Daffa


Ethiopian countryside. by Samuel Daffa


Logan by Samuel Daffa


self portrait by Samuel Daffa


Tiya by Samuel Daffa


Deedy by Samuel Daffa


Flowers and two peaches by Samuel Daffa


Tamed to share by Samuel Daffa


The weaving lady by Samuel Daffa


Flowers and coffee pot by Samuel Daffa


Survival by Samuel Daffa


Celebration by Samuel Daffa


Greetings from TX. by Samuel Daffa